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Tournament Information Change

Posted by on April 16, 2016

We are changing a few things, do to the fact we have several new participants. We are going to stagger the fishing times and the weigh-in times.

These are the new weigh-in times:

1-40   6:30-6:30

41-80 6:45-3:45

81-120 7:00-4:00

121-160  7:15-4:15

161-Up 7:30-4:30

You may be on the water and at your fishing spot before your time to fish, You may not fish until your designated time. You must be at the First Baptist Church Ministry Center (161 Heavens Way) East Campus before your ending time on the flight. This should give anglers plenty of time to get tothe weigh-in location. The scales will open at 2 PM for early arrivals.

Be careful crossing Kimberling City Bridge.This could be a huge time delay, so plan ahead.

Thank you for participating int he Teen Anglers. We look forward to seeing everyone.

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