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Southern Division Championship

Posted by jps on July 14, 2017

Hello Teen Anglers.

The time is almost here for our Southern Divisional Championship.

A few things on the Championship.

1st. The length limit for bass on Pomme is 13"

2nd. There is NO CULLING. You have to make an executive decision at the time of the catch. To keep or Not to keep. When the fish goes into the live well it is in your possesion. No Culling out. 4 fish limit for HS and 2 fish limit for MS.

3rd. You must check in at our RED TENT at the weigh in location. You will receive a weigh in card at that time. You must have this weigh in card in order to weigh in your fish. Each HS Team will have a Weigh in card and each MS angler will have a Card as well. You must use our weigh in bags. They will be located at the RED TENT.

4th. The scales will be open by 10:30am. For those that catch their limits early.

5th. The weigh in will be at The backside of the Pomme Dam located on Outlook Park Road. This is the 1st road on the right when crossing over pomme dam. There will be Teen Anglers signs placed at the entrance.

6th. We will be at the weigh in site from 6-8pm Saturday evening July 15th for those that need to turn in their raffle tickets. You can also turn in your raffle tickets at LEWS located at 3031 North Martin Ave, Springfield Mo. Each anglers is required to sell one book of raffle tickets by the divisional championship. You can pick up additional tickets at Lews as well, if you need them.

7th. Make sure you have plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks. Water is very important when it comes to high heat fishing conditions.

8th. We will be posting a map of the weigh In location. Along with complete fishing and weigh in times this evening.

9th. We are very fortunate to have such Awesome boat captains that know how to take care of their daily catch. The boat captains are doing an Amazing job teaching our young anglers to properly handle fish during summertime conditions.

Remember, Teen Anglers you can learn more important information on the fishing websites on how to take care of your summertime catch.

****Special Scholarship****

I will be giving away a Special $500 Draw Fish Care Scholarship to one HS Team and a Special $250 Draw Fish Care Scholarship to a MS angler that turns in a one page paper on how to properly take care of summertime bass in a live well. You can turn in your papers when you check in at the RED TENT. 

We would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our supporters and volunteers that make this program and event so Amazing.

We will be Awarding 20+ Scholarships valuing over $10,000 That can be applied to help continue their education through the sport of bass fishing.

Good Fishing Teen Anglers.